Medical Indemnity Insurance

Doctors Insurance for Themselves and Their Surgery

Whether you run your own surgery or operate as part of a small establishment, covering your medical services against damages and injuries should be a priority. In this day and age of court cases and compensation claims, a doctor can never be too safe when it comes to practicing their speciality. Fortunately, medical indemnity insurance provides a way of receiving financial backing if your actions ever lead to a court hearing. The cost of solicitors fees and court charges can be very large on their own and factor in the potential for compensation and you’ll begin to understand what makes insurance so vital.

The Department of Health in Australia currently offers several programs aimed at providing financial backing for doctors and medical professionals. Although these schemes will vary depending on criteria (with some only being suitable for residents of Australia and others requiring certain characteristics to be met, such as work visas and so on), they can all serve their own purpose when it comes to financial support from the state if you become subject of a claim. Read more..

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